National Mineral Policy
The mining and quarrying sector comes under the purview of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE).  The Government established a National Mineral Council (NMC) in 1998 to oversee the overall integrated development of the mineral industry and to assure such development would meet its policy objectives.  The National Mineral Council is also charged with coordinating relations between the Federal and State Governments.

To spearhead the country's mineral resource industry, the Government has formulated a National Mineral Policy (NMP) the revised second version of which was launched in January 2009.

The NMP provides the foundation for the development of an effective, efficient and competitive regulatory environment for the mineral sector.  The thrust of the policy is to expand and diversify the mineral sector through optimum exploration, extraction, and utilization of resources using modern technology as well as R&D.  Emphasis is given to environmental protection, sustainable development and the management of social impacts.

Under the NMP, a mining lease application must include an environmental protection plan that is approved by the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.  The environmental aspects of mine development are covered under the Environmental Quality Act of 1974 (Act 127) and its subsidiary legislation.

The salient features of the NMP are the provisions for security of tenure, high land-use priority for mining, uniform and efficient institutional framework, regulations and guidelines, and rehabilitation and environmental control.

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