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  • News / Member news  Back to Top

    Recent news and developments on the mineral resource industry can be viewed here. Under the local news section, non-residents especially, can access recent happenings in and around Malaysia’s minerals resource industry.

  • Featured Blogger  Back to Top

    Personalities within the mineral resource industry would be invited  to express their views on issues or happenings of relevance and significance to the global and the country's mineral resource industry. The featured commentary would be run for a specific period of time to allow visitors a chance to response before another blogger commentary is featured.


  • Daily Metal Prices  Back to Top

    View updated price of most major minerals and metals and get the day’s Kuala Lumpur Tin Market Price (KLTM) here.

  • Minerals & Metals Directory  Back to Top

    Find Malaysia’s Mining, Quarrying, Minerals & Metals based Manufacturers and other industry players here.

  • Forum / Enquiries  Back to Top

    Forum/Enquiries provides a platform for participants to interact, share information and discuss relevant issues in regards to the whole spectrum of the mineral resource industry, from upstream to downstream. You can submit your views or enquiries pertaining to the the mineral resource industry or you can suggest a thread for discussions here.

  • Poll  Back to Top

    Occasionally, a survey will be carried out on relevant issues pertaining to the portal and the community. Registered members are encouraged to vote.

  • Bursa Malaysia  Back to Top

    Bursa Malaysia's market information, listing and trading details.

  • Daily Foreign Exchange Rate  Back to Top

    Malaysia foreign exchange rate in correlation with other currencies.

  • Lights Out  Back to Top

    A compilation of jokes, funny clips and inspirational stories



  • Events Calendar  Back to Top

    Calendar to show all activities including events, meetings, conferences and many more throughout the year




  • Introduction  Back to Top

    A brief description of Malaysia.

  • Geographical Facts  Back to Top

    A general information on Malaysia’s geographical data including its co-ordinates, land size, coast line, maritime claims, climatic conditions, terrain, natural resources, environment, etc. Maps of Malaysia can also  be viewed here.






  • Overview  Back to Top

    A general overview of the current status of the mineral resource industry in Malaysia.

  • Mineral Resources  Back to Top

    Contains information about Malaysia’s mineral resource industry structure and  the country’s major minerals estimated reserves and production figures.

  • Projects  Back to Top

    A brief note on Malaysia’s current mineral resource projects and successful mine rehabilitation projects.

  • Policy  & Legislation  Back to Top

    A brief background on Malaysia’s National Policy.  Also contains information regarding the various relevant legislations effecting mining such as the Environmental Quality (Prescribed Activities) (Environmental Impact Assessment) Order 1987, the Mineral Development Act 1994, the State Mineral Enactments and Mining Regulations.

  • Fiscal Regimes  Back to Top

    A brief description on Malaysia current fiscal regimes including corporate income taxes, export duties, import tariffs, incentives, royalties, land premiums, rental fees, processing and application fees for mining land, etc.

  • Mineral Statistics  Back to Top

    Contains tables on the latest available data on the production, import and export volume and value of the various major minerals and metals produced in the country. Past year’s data is also available for viewing.





  • Publications  Back to Top

    Contains publications produced in Malaysia such as the Malaysian Chamber of Mines Year Book, Malaysian Tin Bulletin and Malaysian Minerals and Metals Bulletin, The Malaysian Tin Products Manufacturers Association Newsletter . Find also Malaysian companies Annual Financial Report and Prospectus here. These publications are  available for download in PDF form .


  • Mineral Ventures  Back to Top

        List of more notable ongoing mineral ventures and projects in the country


  • Useful Links  Back to Top

    A dedicated page displaying the address, contact details and website links to the relevant government and key private sector agencies, local authority and organisations involved and responsible for the country’s mineral resource industry.

  • Gallery  Back to Top

    A visual display of the various types of minerals & metals available in Malaysia, the country's ongoing related mineral resource project, successful mine rehabilitation projects and photos of recent events and happenings in and around the domestic and regional mineral resource industry scene.




  • Institution of Learning  Back to Top

    A brief profile about the institute of of higher learning in Malaysia which offers mineral resource related programmes.

  • Industry Organizations  Back to Top

    A brief overview about the industry organizations in Malaysia which play a major role in minerals industry.






  • Advertise  Back to Top

    Promote your company, brands , products, services and events at

  • Become a Member  Back to Top

    Register as members and be eligible for our e-mail alert.

  • Download  Back to Top

    Download documents, prospectus , vcd clips and related publications available in the download section .

  • Upload  Back to Top

    Upload news, information and  images you wish to share with others.

  • Jobs  Back to Top

    Jobs is a job recruitment database focussing primarily on the mineral resource industry needs . Advertise yourself or vacancies in your company here.

  • Purchase  Back to Top

    Purchase mineral Geological Resource Maps and Minerals & Metals Conference/Seminar Proceedings. For further details contact




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