Tin in the News (03 January 2013)
Source:  ITRI Ltd

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Indonesia tightens tin export regulations (03 Jan 2013)
Indonesian Trade Ministry has issued a new decree which specifies that from 1 July 2013 refined tin exports must have a minimum purity of 99.9% tin, up from the current figure of 99.85%.  In addition exports of tin solders are also to be brought within the ministry’s export licencing system, starting from 1 January. The new decree continues to limit the shipments of tin ingots by allowing delivery only by registered exporters approved by the trade ministry.  Exports also require the payment of a 3% royalty and technical verification by independent surveying companies prior to shipment.

Under the current licencing system 90,127 tonnes of melt was checked prior to export in the first eleven months of 2012.  In addition unknown quantities of tin were exported in the form of solder without payment of royalties.

China tin production and imports rise in November (24 Dec 2012)
Data from China Nonferrous Metals Association (CINA) show that Chinese refined tin production in November increased by 20% from October to 15,393 tonnes, while tin –in-concentrate production increased by 47% to 8,591 tonnes.  The increase was stimulated by steady and rising tin prices.  However, the cumulative refined tin production in January-November was 131,511 tonnes, down by 3%.

Customs data show that China imported more than 3,000 tonnes of refined tin and tin alloy in November, mostly from Indonesia and Malaysia.  China also imported 2,724 tonnes of tin concentrates (gross weight) in November bringing the total January-November import to 29,294 tonnes, up by 21% compared to last year.  The tin concentrates were mainly from Myanmar and Bolivia.

Construction of Hemerdon project to commence mid-2013 (03 Jan 2013)
Wolf Minerals announced on 21 December that it had completed a AUD20.3 million share placement as part of the funding package required to bring the Hemerdon tungsten and tin project in Devon, southwest England into production.

Construction work is expected to commence in mid-2013 and mining to start in late 2014.  The project will create 230 directly employed jobs as well as more within the supply chain.  The operation will treat 3Mtpy of ore to produce 3,500tpy of wolframite tungsten concentrates with a grade of 56% WO3 and 450tpy of 40% tin concentrates.

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