Tin in the News (21 February 2013)

Source:  ITRI Ltd

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PMC expands ownership of tin stabilisers businesses (21 Feb 2013)

PMC Group completed the acquisition of Dow Chemicals’s global methyl tin stabilizers and solid lubricant business earlier this month, following up on its purchase of Arkema’s organo tin and organophosphine-based polymer stabilizers, catalysts and fine chemicals businesses in the Americas and Europe which was completed in October 2012.  These two deals will give PMC a large share in the world tin PVC stabilisers market.  Organotin PVC stabilisers account for around 10% of the world tin usage.


Stellar upgrades Heemskirk resource estimate (19 Feb 2013)

Stellar Resources has increased its estimate of tin contained within its Heemskirk project in Tasmania by 49% following the completion of a year-long drilling programme.  The new JORC-compliant estimate of total indicated and inferred resources is 6.28 million tonnes of ore at 1.14% tin with 71,500 tonnes of contained tin.

Most of the increase in the resource estimate was accounted for by drilling of the Severn orebody, which now accounts for 57% of the total resource.

Rwanda to expedite enactment of new minerals law (18 Feb 2013)

Rwanda has announced work to expedite the enactment of a new mining law to strengthen the legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks, improving knowledge and skills, raising productivity and establishing new mines, and increasing value addition.  The Rwandan mining sector is transforming from a publicly run to a private sector industry focusing on increased investment and production.  Rwanda currently has around 440 active mine sites participating in the iTSCi traceability and due diligence project.  Rwanda believes that the new law will raise investment in the sector to US$500 million and create 100,000 jobs by 2020, in addition to increasing exports to US$240 million a year over the same period.

Tanzanian government officers arrested in stolen mineral investigation (18 Feb 2013)

According to the East African News, several senior officers in key government agencies in Tanzania have been arrested as investigators trace missing coltan to an inland depot exposing a web of theft and corruption involving officials of key agencies and departments in Tanzania’s government working in cahoots with cross-border criminals.


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