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Setting ASEAN Mining Policy & Regulation – Learning from the Indonesian and Myanmar Experiences

Mr. Bill Sullivan
Senior Foreign Counsel with ChristianTeo & Partners
(in association with Stephenson Harwood LLP)


Unlocking ASEAN Mineral Potential - Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future
Dr Neal Reynolds
CSA Global Pty Ltd


Key Findings from a Sector-Wide Impact Assessment of Mining in Myanmar
Mr Aung Kyaw Soe
Extractives Programme Manager
Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business, and
Ms Vicky Bowman
Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business


Sustainability Reporting Requirements for Mining Operations - Opportunities or Threats?

Mr Edward Gleeson
Principal Mining Engineer
AMC Mining Consultants (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and

Mr Peter Allen
Principal Environmental Engineer
AMC Consultants Pty Ltd


Bursa Malaysia, Your ASEAN Multinational Marketplace
Ms Ong Li Lee
Director, Securities Market
Bursa Malaysia Berhad


Industrial Minerals Sector’s Contribution to the ASEAN Mineral Cooperation Action Plan
Dr Didier Jans
Director General
Industrial Minerals Association (IMA-Europe)


Singapore Capital Markets as a Fund Raising option for ASEAN Mineral Companies
Mr Foong Chong Lek
Equity Capital Market (Sectors)
Singapore Exchange Ltd 


Future of Rock Quarrying in Peninsular Malaysia - Issues and Challenges
Mr Teh Quen Chang
Chief Executive Officer
Sunway Quarries Industries Sdn Bhd


Sampling Practices and Pitfalls - Some Guidelines for Collecting Correct Samples for Exploration, Mining and Processing
Dr Brian New
Principal Consultant
Datgeo Sdn Bhd


Innovative Solar Diesel Hybrid Energy Systems suitable for Remote Mining Operations
Prof. Chem Nayar
Managing Director
Regen Power Pty Ltd 


Department of Minerals and Geoscience's Strategic Plan for Groundwater Development in Malaysia
Dr Vijayan Rajan
Deputy Director General (Operation)
Minerals and Geoscience Department, Malaysia, and
Mr Mohd Nazan Awang
State Director
Minerals and Geoscience Department, Malaysia


Groundwater Development in Malaysia
Mr Seet Chin Peng
Consulting Hydrogeologist/ Director
Magic Mirror Consulting Sdn Bhd 


Potential of Groundwater as a Supplementary Water Supply in Malaysia
Dr Saim Suratman
Industry Consultant 


Groundwater for Coastal and Island Water Supplies
Dr Chris Barber
Crisalis International Pty Ltd,

Dr Selva Marimuthu
MS Groundwater Management Pty Ltd,

Prof. Chem Nayar
Regen Power Pty Ltd, and
Mr Chris Dawson
CVI Pty Ltd


Recent Developments in Groundwater Technology and Best Practices
Dr Jurgen Schaeffer
General Manager
Australian Groundwater Technologies, and
Mr Jaison Van Den Akker
Australian Groundwater Technologies



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